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Do you have an idea, project, or company ready to break through? Or, do you have an established business you’d like to expand across international markets? By combining legal, tax, finance and expat expertise, we can help to jump-start your brand new company in Hungary or Austria, or to bring your existing business into these countries.

You'd like to start a bussines in Vienna…

but you aren't familiar with the city or don't speak the language?

You have a business or project idea…

but you need a bit of support to step forward or improve it?

You have an established brand or company…

& you are looking for a little extra expertise to move forward professionally?

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Expert Pool

New business and new life in a new country? As a future expat in Hungary or Austria, you must have dozens of questions regarding where to start and what documents you’ll need. Don’t get lost in the bureaucratic labyrinth, let us provide you with some local knowledge. As an add-on, you will be part of the Loffice community and can network with other members at our exclusive in-house events!

Export Consulting

Do you wonder which district of Budapest / Vienna is the best to launch your business? You want to get a comprehensive overview of your competitors before you set foot in a foreign country? We’re here to do all the research for you so you can make the best decisions. By mapping the legal environment concerning your business, we also make sure you’re on the right track.

Virtual Office Package

Get yourself a professional seat host service at Loffice including the registration or relocation process of your business + company seat, a downtown business address in either Budapest or Vienna, hassle-free postal services and virtual office administrations. You can stay around without actually being around.

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