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Do you have a unique idea and would you like to set up your company in Austria? – then you are just right for us! Austria is a great location to implement innovative business ideas, and young companies are supported with a number of grants. Our service offers professional advice and assistance for an efficient company launch in Austria.

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Business founders face numerous challenges, from financing to bureaucracy. Our experienced legal and financial professionals will help you with complicated legal questions or magisterial and banking proceedings.

Online Mentoring Program

Online mentoring is part of our offering as well. We support you with webinars, online advice, seminars, training and courses so you can launch your business successfully in the Austrian market. You get virtual solutions for your company customised to your needs, goals and expectations.


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About our community

We are an open space to everyone.

At Loffice, you can meet solo freelancers, startup founders or whole teams working in industries from law, finance or food to arts & human sciences. This is what keeps us diverse & results in so many collabs within our community and outside as well.

Although they come from the most varied fields & professions, our community members share one common value: the global power of sharing & personal connections. Besides combining modern work and living spaces with flexible infrastructure, we also create an atmosphere supporting professional and personal relationships, inspiration and self-development.


Why should you start a company in Austria?

Austria’s innovation record and economic growth are well above the EU average. The high standard of living, secure legal environment and highly skilled workforce persuade numerous foreign companies to establish a foothold in Austria.

What should you consider in Austria?

You should get to know the Austrian market in-depth and start with a strong financial foundation. In your business plan you need to take into account that the cost of living, services and taxes are high. A good knowledge of German is also helpful.

What are the requirements to found a company in Austria (according to trade law)?

In a nutshell: minimum age of 18 years, EU citizenship, no bankruptcies, no criminal record exceeding a prison sentence of 3 months or a monetary penalty of 180 daily rates, possibly special requirements depending on the chosen business

What types of companies exist in Austria?

  • Sole proprietorship
  • General Partnership
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited by shares
  • Special forms

Our experts will help you to choose the right legal form for your company.

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